Collection: ZOAS & PALYS

Zoanthids and Palythoa are widespread in coral reefs globally, admired by reef enthusiasts for their diverse colors and patterns.

Despite their popularity, there remains no definitive scientific consensus on the phylogeny of Zoanthids and Palythoa. In simpler terms, the distinction between Zoanthids and Palythoa is ambiguous. Coral taxonomists have reduced the number of recognized species from 300 to approximately 50. In our approach, we adopt hobbyist naming conventions rather than strictly adhering to scientific taxonomy. We classify larger polyp individuals as Palythoa and smaller polyp specimens as Zoanthids.

It's noteworthy that certain Zoanthids and Palythoa species contain potent neurotoxins like palytoxin, posing potential harm. Consequently, it's essential to handle these polyps with utmost care due to this reason.

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