Saltwater Fish Quarantine Practice

Saltwater Fish Quarantine Practice:

Sanctuary Aquatics implements a robust quarantine practice. For any wild caught fish, it places the fish upon delivery to Sanctuary Aquatics in a separate special system. If the fish is not copper sensitive, it is kept in a system with chelated copper at a level of 1.5 ppm for 14 days. The fish will be treated with a generalized antibiotic that includes treatment of any internal parasites. After 14 days, if the fish is healthy and eating, it is placed in the store or made available for sale. If there are any indications that the fish may have a health concern at the end of the 14 day period, the fish will stay in quarantine until it is free of any health problems for at least 5 days. If a fish is copper sensitive (meaning it cannot tolerate quarantine in water with the requisite level of chelated copper), it will be held in quarantine for 30 days and will be treated with a generalized antibiotics that includes treatment of any internal parasite. For in-store pickup only, a fish that was not quarantined in accordance with this practice may be purchased at the express and informed request of the customer.