Meet our Biologists

Sam Van Buskirk

Sam is our coral care expert, tending to the coral farm and in-store coral maintenance. He conducts regular water tests to ensure the ideal coral environment, making necessary system and chemistry adjustments. Sam's watchful eye keeps pests at bay through treatments, ensuring healthy coral specimens. His aquaculture practices also provide hobbyists with sustainable coral options.

Sarah Lundt

Sarah specializes in the well-being of our saltwater fish. Her responsibilities include monitoring fish quarantine systems, especially for wild-caught specimens. Sarah administers treatments, such as copper and anti-parasite solutions, to ensure fish health. Once fish pass the quarantine period, she continues to oversee their care in-store. Sarah plays a vital role in promoting the availability of healthy and disease-free saltwater fish.

What They Do


Sam oversees our coral, managing both the coral farm and in-store maintenance. He regularly tests and optimizes water conditions for coral health, diligently watches for potential pests, and applies treatments to minimize hitchhiking pests. Sam also promotes sustainability by propagating coral colonies for sale through careful aquaculture practices.

Saltwater Fish

Sarah is in charge of our saltwater fish, with a focus on their well-being. She meticulously monitors the quarantine systems, especially for wild-caught fish that may have encountered stress or ailments during shipping. Sarah administers treatments and observes the fish's health. She continues to care for them once they are in-store.

Water Quality

As part of our commitment to water quality, Sam regularly tests and maintains optimal conditions for aquatic life. He makes necessary adjustments to system chemistry, ensuring the well-being of our coral and fish.


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