Dive into Our Aquatic World


Step into a world of wonder at Sanctuary Aquatics. Our 10,000-gallon saltwater lagoon hosts more than 50 varities of saltwater fish as well as coral, anenomies, and invertibrates. Witness our saltwater fish as they gracefully navigate their thriving habitat. Additionally, explore our carefully curated 5,000-gallon freshwater and saltwater display aquariums, each a living canvas featuring tropical fish, mesmerizing coral, and captivating underwater landscapes.


Plan your group tour at Sanctuary Aquatics for an immersive experience. Click the 'Schedule A Tour' tab on our website to book, specifying group size, desired date, and interests. Our marine biologists tailor tours for various age groups, focusing on subjects like animal biology or ecosystem preservation. Tours typically last 1-1.5 hours, offered between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm, costing $80 for the group plus $5 per attendee, with advance booking options for coral and African Cichlid farm visits at an additional fee.

"One of the premiere fish stores in the state, possibly the Midwest. Amazing 10,000 gallon saltwater lagoon display. Many fish can be purchased pre-quarantined which is a huge plus."

- Aaron Schultz


At Sanctuary Aquatics, our values encompass education, conservation, and personalized support. Our team, including marine biologists, is committed to guiding enthusiasts at every level. We aspire to be more than a destination or a store that sells tropical fish, but rather a place where passion and expertise merge and beauty, science and engineering are perfectly mated. We hope that we can foster a community of all who look into the aquatic world and are continually amazed.